My favourite toner…

Toning is one of the most important steps in skin care routine, most people normally debate and are confused but toning is very essential. There are different kinds of toners for different skin types.There are some that contain vitamin C,Vitamin E, some have moisturizing properties ,some have anti- aging properties and some have oil minimizing properties.All this ingredients help in elevating one’s skin care in one way or another.

Toners may not be necessary for your daily skin care but it is an important and excellent skin care regimen especially If you suffer from oily skin, black heads ,acne ,clogged pores and the likes…

Here are some benefits of using toners:

  • Toners allow better absorption of product into your skin 

Toner’s improve one’s skin ability to deeply absorb skin care products,helps absorb makeup products,         helps remove excess oils ( so if you have an oily skin you have no option toning has to be part of your         routine),It also helps remove dead skin.

  • Toners help balance skin PH levels to neutral.

There are so many factors that really affect one’s PH levels such as makeup ,pollution etc and this             normally ends up stripping off your skin’s neutral PH balance hence toning helps balance PH levels.

  • Toners cleanse the face thoroughly

Toners complete the removal of the dirt that remains on one’s skin after cleansing ,exfoliation and the likes, hence helping to eliminate excess oils and tightening of one’s pores therefore lessening chances of breakouts and acne by reducing penetration of impurities.


Well, with all written …My favourite toner is the Olay oil minimizing toner …Used to be very oily but with this amazing toner I said good bye to oily skin. I hope we’ve learnt a thing or two about the importance of toning.Investing on skin care products help keep the skin stay youthful ,glowy, clear and very healthy.So ladies whatchu waiting for???

Question: Do you tone? How often?Kindly share your thoughts …Has toning been of any benefits?


Advantages of wearing make-up …

Everyone is beautiful in their own special way. However, how we take care of ourselves plays an important role. We all have our own Interests of course and to me makeup is a major interest and this could be the reasons…


  • First Impressions

Facial appearance is very important the first few seconds you meet someone really means a lot that is actually the moment they decide If they can trust you or not. The person you are meeting for the first time doesn’t know you so your appearance always gives them a clue of your confidence and whether they should go on or not.

We only get one chance so it’s always important to make ourselves presentable, so this is where makeup comes in creating a favourable first impression since it gives us better opportunity in winning a new job , a date you name it.


  • Makeup screams that you care about yourself

Showing people that you put an effort to look presentable will attract many and you will be more lovable and approachable.


  • Enhances features

This is one major thing makeup really does. I have chubby cheeks and this is where highlight and contouring comes in enhancing my cheek bones. Don’t get me wrong I love being chubby but If I can enhance my beauty then why not.


  • Cover up Imperfections

Speaking of Imperfections, I have this scar that really bothers me next to eyes and with a concealer I cover up this scar helping me look perfectly normal and feel flawless.


On the other hand everything that has an advantage always has a disadvantage makeup has some and I guess they are manageable…


  • May damage skin

Cosmetics are really good , yes they enhance your beauty but there is a danger of using some products , we may react to some making us end up with acne but with good skincare routines and purchase of genuine and certified products one can be safe.

  • Costly

Makeup can be costly but the beauty is you purchase once in a while.

  • Time consuming

Putting on makeup consumes a lot of one’s time but oh well you can always be good at time planning, wake up early If you have to.


                                      Products used for this look

Eyebrows: Elf deep brow pencil

Eye shadow : Juvia’s palace Masquerade Palette

Eyeliner: Elf liquid eyeliner

Primer: Rimmel stay matte primer

Mascara : Maybelline great lash mascara

Foundation: Revlon 24hrs colorstay in Mahogany

Powder: Elf finishing powder

Setting spray: Nyx setting spray

Lipstick: Colour pop ultra matte – Mamacita


Feel free to purchase these products from our shop in town right behind Biashara Street, Njugu lane ,MD business centre Shop 40


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Elf flawless foundation!!!

Hello loves… I know it has been forever since Iast blogged been having a bad cold , been up and down but hey I’m back, like seriously back.Anyway, I am here to review this amaaaaaaizing product. Ladies and ladies introducing to you ELF FLAWLESS FOUNDATION…(Can I get some round of applause …Thank you!)

Before elf flawless foundation

Number 1; When they say flawless ,trust me It is indeed very very very flawless,It leaves your face refreshed with a natural glow, smoothens every pore and leaves you with great great coverage meaning you don’t really need a concealer because it covers any redness, dark spots and scars.

Number 2; It is very very affordable and is packaged like that of a high end product and has a pump.

Number 3; Elf foundation is not too dewy and not too matte which means it won’t leave your face extremely dry or extremely oily hence suitable for all skin types leaving you with a nice satin finish which looks very natural.

Number 4; The transfer is very minimal that is when you prime ,powder and set well… you could change outfits throughout the day and nothing really rubs off.

Number 5; The consistency is out of the world not too thick and not too thin, It takes probably 5hrs before It gets to the point that you have to blot and powder your face which is absolutely okay with me…I mean remember this is not Anastasia Beverly hills or Mac lol

Number 6; It has Spf 15 sunscreen and oil free which is a plus to me In any foundation.

After Elf flawless foundation

To conclude, Elf is a wonderful foundation and has never broken me out or anything and this is my second year using it and I totally have no regrets …For those who know me are aware this is my number 1 foundation.

PROS : Affordable ,great coverage,very lightweight ,comfortable to wear.

CONS: Needs blotting after some hours.

To shop this great foundation here is the link:




Elf flawless foundation;Available in all shades.

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My everyday night time skincare routine.

Hello there!!! It’s been a minute guys (cliche right) I know. Anyway been receiving lots of questions on skincare hence the blog on skincare.Skincare Involves a lot but will do a beginner everyday night time skincare routine. You can never find the right products for your skin right?Well, what I think is you need to build that effective skincare routine and secondly ,figure out the steps to your new regimen.To provide the right results you need to use the right products.I came up with this simple everyday night skin care routine for beginners.Like I said ,there’s a lot more but for a start I would recommend this simple routine.


List of skincare products…















Step 1: Remove makeup

To have great skin ,One should never sleep with makeup …Rule number 1.I am a firm believer that one should put as much care into removing makeup as we do in putting it on. My best makeup remover is coconut oil ,I would recommend  wet wipes but coconut oil is more effective.Apply coconut oil all over your face and using a cotton wool wipe off your lipstick, mascara etc

Step 2: Cleanser

Cleansing your face is a must. There are several cleansers out there but Alisons glycerine and rosewater is bae (another one (dj khaleed’s voice )don’t mind my cliche terms they complete my sentences exactly how I want them lol). First of all ,this glycerin and rosewater is pocket friendly and secondly it serves the purpose .Put the cleanser on a piece of cotton wool and cleanse face and neck thoroughly.

Step 3: Soap + Face brush

On a weekly skincare routine which should be coming soon on the blog, I would exfoliate at this point but since this is my everyday routine.At this point ,I use my face brush and shea butter soap to clean face and neck. If you have any other natural soap you can use i.e black soap, shea butter, rosemary and moringa , vanilla soap etc .Avoid harsh and strongly scented soaps since the face is very very sensitive.Rinse the soap off and leave face to dry on its own, NEVER  use a face towel or towel on your face remember you use this on your whole body and different parts of the body carry different kinds of bacteria and dirt hence the acne and breakouts on your face when you use this towels ,kindly AVOID.

Step 4: Tone

Most people skip this step but guess what this step has so many benefits, I still use my glycerine and rosewater to tone ,this helps balance the skins PH levels hence the face can absorb oils and moisturizers .This leaves your skin looking fresh and with the right complexion.

Step 5: Moisturize

Mmmmh!!! I know y’all like all this on my face??? Yes boo, you need that glass skin, you need to sacrifice and to be honest this is so basic and won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time. Anyway , moisturizers are important for you, dry skin can cause oil glands to go an extra mile which causes more blemishes and very oily face hence the importance of moisturizers.I use elf daily hydration moisturizer and one is open to use any as long as you do your research.


Step 6: Face oil

You need to protect your face, there is no way you can evade this .I use shea butter and if you have any natural oils you can use and again avoid heavily scented oils like I said earlier the skin is so so sensitive.

This is my everyday skincare routine and it is so simple to follow, all products listed are readily available in the market .The products used are mostly natural  and would be perfect for a start for anyone with sensitive face, bad acne or prone to breakouts.Try this ,thank me later!!!

Question: What’s your skincare routine and has It worked for you?

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Vacation makeup!!!

Hello everyone!!! I still can’t get over the beautiful vacation I had last weekend.I seriously needed a little bit of relaxation, time to recover from winter having been in the US for close to four months of winter and definately needed time to recharge.You can never go wrong with Mombasa as a vacay destination, this time round we booked a villa on and It was so so pretty not to brag but we had our own swimming pool and villa  was by the beach. Anyway,I don’t want to give away too much !!!

Lets talk about my travel makeup collection and what I carried on the trip.

Vacation makeup products!


Elf flawless foundation – This is my favourite, It has a flawless finish, SPF 15 which you really need in the kind of weather ,Its lightweight and has full coverage.

Nyx photo loving primer –  A good base is key because your makeup stays put in warm climate.I love this primer because It creates a smooth base for my foundation and It is also photo loving meaning when you take pictures you don’t look ashy.

Elf prime and stay finishing powder – Reduces the shine and leaves face with that perfect matte finish.

Nyx matte finish setting spray –This is the key to long lasting makeup to set It in place leaving your face matte the whole day.

Elf Instant lift brow pencil – Perfect brows is a must ,this pencil from Elf makes It so easy to fill brows since It is a twist up pencil and has a spoolie  at the end to comb my brows into place even without makeup.

L.A girl pro conceal – My all time favourite concealer, I use it for any scars ,dark spots ,brightening under my eyes and definitely to outline my eyebrows.

Maybelline rocket volume express mascara – I just love the difference mascara makes,I never put on my false eyelashes when on this kind of holidays since I really love to swim.

Revolution love conquers all highlight – This is a must to carry since It is a palette with different highlights which is a great advantage since you get to rock different highlights when going out ,going for dinner ,going to the beach etc

Colourpop Ultra matte lipstick – When on vacation I love me some crazy colours ,I find them flattering and great for the occasion.

Visine redness reliever –This relieves my eyes from redness especially after swimming.


When It comes to packing makeup for vacation,I keep my travel makeup to the essentials only since I must admit I am an over packer ,when travelling I make sure my makeup fits in a small zippered makeup bag ,to make my packing easier as well,I choose all my favourites and makeup that I use all the time .What makeup do you always bring when you travel?

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Lee goo!!!!

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