How to order

Hello dear customer, Welcome to Sukie Beauty HOW TO ORDER, below are the steps on how to order your items:

Step 1

Go to shop and select  category of product you desire to purchase i.e face,eyes ,lips


Step 2

Click the items you would like to order  and add to cart.







Step 3

Next view all the items in cart, you can add or remove items then scroll down and calculate shipping,

Our shipping costs a flat rate of ksh 250 countrywide.


Step 4

Then proceed to checkout , You will then input your personal details ,order note and shipping address. Orders out of Nairobi will be sent as a parcel via bus or shuttle. You will also pay your bill via our Mpesa, Buy Goods and services , Till Number 702453 and pay the total bill, Once  done  Input the confirmation code after transaction and PLACE ORDER.



Once you place your order you will receive an email with your complete order details .Order will then be processed and will take up to 24hrs to receive your ordered items.



Note: Email confirmation looks like this.