Vacation makeup!!!

Hello everyone!!! I still can’t get over the beautiful vacation I had last weekend.I seriously needed a little bit of relaxation, time to recover from winter having been in the US for close to four months of winter and definately needed time to recharge.You can never go wrong with Mombasa as a vacay destination, this time round we booked a villa on and It was so so pretty not to brag but we had our own swimming pool and villa  was by the beach. Anyway,I don’t want to give away too much !!!

Lets talk about my travel makeup collection and what I carried on the trip.

Vacation makeup products!


Elf flawless foundation – This is my favourite, It has a flawless finish, SPF 15 which you really need in the kind of weather ,Its lightweight and has full coverage.

Nyx photo loving primer –  A good base is key because your makeup stays put in warm climate.I love this primer because It creates a smooth base for my foundation and It is also photo loving meaning when you take pictures you don’t look ashy.

Elf prime and stay finishing powder – Reduces the shine and leaves face with that perfect matte finish.

Nyx matte finish setting spray –This is the key to long lasting makeup to set It in place leaving your face matte the whole day.

Elf Instant lift brow pencil – Perfect brows is a must ,this pencil from Elf makes It so easy to fill brows since It is a twist up pencil and has a spoolie  at the end to comb my brows into place even without makeup.

L.A girl pro conceal – My all time favourite concealer, I use it for any scars ,dark spots ,brightening under my eyes and definitely to outline my eyebrows.

Maybelline rocket volume express mascara – I just love the difference mascara makes,I never put on my false eyelashes when on this kind of holidays since I really love to swim.

Revolution love conquers all highlight – This is a must to carry since It is a palette with different highlights which is a great advantage since you get to rock different highlights when going out ,going for dinner ,going to the beach etc

Colourpop Ultra matte lipstick – When on vacation I love me some crazy colours ,I find them flattering and great for the occasion.

Visine redness reliever –This relieves my eyes from redness especially after swimming.


When It comes to packing makeup for vacation,I keep my travel makeup to the essentials only since I must admit I am an over packer ,when travelling I make sure my makeup fits in a small zippered makeup bag ,to make my packing easier as well,I choose all my favourites and makeup that I use all the time .What makeup do you always bring when you travel?

First 3 comments stand a chance to win a Free makeover ,Lipstick and Elf prism eyeshadow palette .

Lee goo!!!!

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64 thoughts on “Vacation makeup!!!

  1. Nelle says:

    I looove that lippie! I find it hard to use makeup in Mombasa. I have oily skin and with the humidity it’s like it slides right off my face. I also have to keep dabbing my face cause of sweating so I wipe off too.

    • SukieBeauty says:

      Nelle you are number two to comment you win yourself a lipstick, you can definitely control te oil by using the right base primer foundation , powder and setting spray reach me for more info .Thanks!

  2. Tabbie says:

    I always wondered how others manage to look so flawless while I’m dealing with change of weather. Learnt alot. Guess who’s gonna slay on the next vacay ???.

  3. Diana Chanzu says:

    I love your vacation make up collection. I’ve been a revlon girl since I started using make up since its worked for my oily skin. I use their products from primer to foundation, to powder, to lipstick etc. My go to mascara any time is the Maybeline voluma lash mascara. It has never let me down. I however never leave behind my visine eye drops as my eyes get tired and red. I look forward to trying out other make up brands as I know there good stuff I havent tried.

    • SukieBeauty says:

      Thanks so so much …Revlon is a great product and yes the Mascara and the visine are life …For products you can never get tired trying because different brands produce different great products .

  4. Sarah says:

    Nice post, when travelling i carry my elf poreless primer, la girl pro concealer which also acts as foundation since i dont need much coverage, an eyebrow pencil, an angled brush with a spoolie, beauty blender and a gloss.

    • Naomi says:

      Had to comment before reading… Anyways looks like an learning alot about makeup from you. Cosine redness releaver? Hadn’t heard of it… Ever!

    • SukieBeauty says:

      Hey Naomi Imagine am more than happy to be stalked…Next time come early people are chap chap here …How are you and when are we going for ice skating ?❤️

  5. rehema says:

    Im too late to comment but Im not that good of a packer when it comes to makeup for travel!Im still learning the ropes since im new on this makeup journey.Great blog sue!!

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