My everyday night time skincare routine.

Hello there!!! It’s been a minute guys (cliche right) I know. Anyway been receiving lots of questions on skincare hence the blog on skincare.Skincare Involves a lot but will do a beginner everyday night time skincare routine. You can never find the right products for your skin right?Well, what I think is you need to build that effective skincare routine and secondly ,figure out the steps to your new regimen.To provide the right results you need to use the right products.I came up with this simple everyday night skin care routine for beginners.Like I said ,there’s a lot more but for a start I would recommend this simple routine.


List of skincare products…















Step 1: Remove makeup

To have great skin ,One should never sleep with makeup …Rule number 1.I am a firm believer that one should put as much care into removing makeup as we do in putting it on. My best makeup remover is coconut oil ,I would recommend  wet wipes but coconut oil is more effective.Apply coconut oil all over your face and using a cotton wool wipe off your lipstick, mascara etc

Step 2: Cleanser

Cleansing your face is a must. There are several cleansers out there but Alisons glycerine and rosewater is bae (another one (dj khaleed’s voice )don’t mind my cliche terms they complete my sentences exactly how I want them lol). First of all ,this glycerin and rosewater is pocket friendly and secondly it serves the purpose .Put the cleanser on a piece of cotton wool and cleanse face and neck thoroughly.

Step 3: Soap + Face brush

On a weekly skincare routine which should be coming soon on the blog, I would exfoliate at this point but since this is my everyday routine.At this point ,I use my face brush and shea butter soap to clean face and neck. If you have any other natural soap you can use i.e black soap, shea butter, rosemary and moringa , vanilla soap etc .Avoid harsh and strongly scented soaps since the face is very very sensitive.Rinse the soap off and leave face to dry on its own, NEVER  use a face towel or towel on your face remember you use this on your whole body and different parts of the body carry different kinds of bacteria and dirt hence the acne and breakouts on your face when you use this towels ,kindly AVOID.

Step 4: Tone

Most people skip this step but guess what this step has so many benefits, I still use my glycerine and rosewater to tone ,this helps balance the skins PH levels hence the face can absorb oils and moisturizers .This leaves your skin looking fresh and with the right complexion.

Step 5: Moisturize

Mmmmh!!! I know y’all like all this on my face??? Yes boo, you need that glass skin, you need to sacrifice and to be honest this is so basic and won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time. Anyway , moisturizers are important for you, dry skin can cause oil glands to go an extra mile which causes more blemishes and very oily face hence the importance of moisturizers.I use elf daily hydration moisturizer and one is open to use any as long as you do your research.


Step 6: Face oil

You need to protect your face, there is no way you can evade this .I use shea butter and if you have any natural oils you can use and again avoid heavily scented oils like I said earlier the skin is so so sensitive.

This is my everyday skincare routine and it is so simple to follow, all products listed are readily available in the market .The products used are mostly natural  and would be perfect for a start for anyone with sensitive face, bad acne or prone to breakouts.Try this ,thank me later!!!

Question: What’s your skincare routine and has It worked for you?

Kama Kawa …First comment wins a prize….Guess what we have this time round ???




23 thoughts on “My everyday night time skincare routine.

    • SukieBeauty says:

      Thanks so much Brenda hope you learned a thing or two…You are the first to comment an email is coming your way…

  1. Brenda okemwa says:

    Honestly ,i just wash my face and apply olive oil at night. I try my best not to sleep with make up on because my face breaks out so bad

    • SukieBeauty says:

      I am glad it will help …AAAw all the way from glam life let me see what can do since I already have a winner …If she doesn’t show up…

    • SukieBeauty says:

      Yes Fatma everyday …This really helps when going to bed your face needs to be very very clean …If it is not makeup or dirt piles up and this results to acne ,dirt and breakouts…so yes every single day!

  2. Kosh says:

    I have tried lots of products on my face,and I end up having rashes.I will try again with these natural products. Thanks for sharing

    • SukieBeauty says:

      Welcome Kosh… please try and stick to the rules …don’t use towels on the face and strongly scented soaps and oils.

  3. Terry kinuthia says:

    Hi sukie thankyou so much for this the routine its so easy to follow it would be of much help to me because my face its so oily even on application of matte foundation its still end up looking so messed and oily

    • SukieBeauty says:

      Hi Terry you are welcome please give me feedback…I know it will definitely help control your oily skin.

  4. Caroline says:

    Wow! Suzie thanks for this!!
    It is so helpful…a quick one, would Shea butter work for me coz I have an oily face?

    • SukieBeauty says:

      You are welcome …yes it would definately work …night time not for day …It keeps face hydrated…

  5. Harriet says:

    Hi Sukie, i love that your routine is easy to follow and affordable. Kindly explain to me on the toning process. And then how to you wash your face? Do you use a face scrub or just bare hands

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