Elf flawless foundation!!!

Hello loves… I know it has been forever since Iast blogged been having a bad cold , been up and down but hey I’m back, like seriously back.Anyway, I am here to review this amaaaaaaizing product. Ladies and ladies introducing to you ELF FLAWLESS FOUNDATION…(Can I get some round of applause …Thank you!)

Before elf flawless foundation

Number 1; When they say flawless ,trust me It is indeed very very very flawless,It leaves your face refreshed with a natural glow, smoothens every pore and leaves you with great great coverage meaning you don’t really need a concealer because it covers any redness, dark spots and scars.

Number 2; It is very very affordable and is packaged like that of a high end product and has a pump.

Number 3; Elf foundation is not too dewy and not too matte which means it won’t leave your face extremely dry or extremely oily hence suitable for all skin types leaving you with a nice satin finish which looks very natural.

Number 4; The transfer is very minimal that is when you prime ,powder and set well… you could change outfits throughout the day and nothing really rubs off.

Number 5; The consistency is out of the world not too thick and not too thin, It takes probably 5hrs before It gets to the point that you have to blot and powder your face which is absolutely okay with me…I mean remember this is not Anastasia Beverly hills or Mac lol

Number 6; It has Spf 15 sunscreen and oil free which is a plus to me In any foundation.

After Elf flawless foundation

To conclude, Elf is a wonderful foundation and has never broken me out or anything and this is my second year using it and I totally have no regrets …For those who know me are aware this is my number 1 foundation.

PROS : Affordable ,great coverage,very lightweight ,comfortable to wear.

CONS: Needs blotting after some hours.

To shop this great foundation here is the link:https://sukiebeauty.com/product-category/face/




Elf flawless foundation;Available in all shades.

Kama kawaida first and favourite comment wins a free makeover and photoshoot.


36 thoughts on “Elf flawless foundation!!!

  1. Mercy says:

    I’ve been contemplating whether to buy this for a while and now I’ve seen enough reasons to get it. Thanks Sukie!
    A question please, have you used primer before applying the foundation and if yes, how is it used?

    • SukieBeauty says:

      Hi mercy,Thanks alot yes you apply the primer before with your hands like vaseline then use a brush to appply foundation…

  2. Jenni Jenn says:

    I love your make up and how natural it looks. Currently using mac but would like to try the elf too. Please pick me for the.facebeat???

  3. Annette oregeh says:

    I love your make up skills girl….I just want this make over by you just because I believe your skill is worldclass…I would be honoured.TIA

  4. anne says:

    i have never done a face beat ..never tried make up and i thinks this is the reason i always end up alone when we go out with my friend.i need to stand out like you and who knows i might be lucky..fingures crossed

  5. Stella says:

    I just hope the elf eye-shadow I won will be part of the make over hihi aki that ka sing of coming to Mombasa road to pick it ishakuwa old skull. Love your work


    I have no idea how to do foundation and all the other typa make-up coz all i do is my ponds, lippie, eye-pencil and use Kajal on my eyes. This look is FABULOUS makes you look like a milli bucks ( you should make it rain gurl literally). I would love to get the know-how of doing a full facebeat yaani! That is all i ‘crave’ for apart from some pizza + a shake 😉 which can wait mbikos a girl ken’t go out looking fogothary yes? YAASSS!!
    You look AMAZE-BALLS & I bet you be killing it all day err’day. KEEP WINNING & SHINING <3

  7. Nicole says:

    All time go to foundation….The transformation is definitely A1

    And also I’m a big fan of your makeup looks…with you all the way Hun?

  8. Jackline Charity says:

    Wow beautiful review. I’m going to purchase it. I’m always lily skin and never used a professional makeup ever so this would really like good on me and make me flawless and beautiful. Umesema hapo juu round of applause ? ? ? ? ?… I love the fact that it’s affordable which doesn’t mean I should break the bank to own it. Definitely trying this baby up.
    Thanks for the review Sukie.

  9. Lavender says:

    Hi Sukie, I love the review and I love the way elf flawless foundation looks on you, it’s fabulous and I’m gonna purchase it with no regrets. I love your work baby girl you’re an amazing humble lady, and I literally follow you all over lol please pick me for the makeover and shoot sweety please ???

  10. Roselyne says:

    You skin looks so healthy and radiant , I e been looking for a foundation that won’t look valet and this looks so good on you . Also I am dying for that first face beat from you aka free makeover.

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