Advantages of wearing make-up …

Everyone is beautiful in their own special way. However, how we take care of ourselves plays an important role. We all have our own Interests of course and to me makeup is a major interest and this could be the reasons…


  • First Impressions

Facial appearance is very important the first few seconds you meet someone really means a lot that is actually the moment they decide If they can trust you or not. The person you are meeting for the first time doesn’t know you so your appearance always gives them a clue of your confidence and whether they should go on or not.

We only get one chance so it’s always important to make ourselves presentable, so this is where makeup comes in creating a favourable first impression since it gives us better opportunity in winning a new job , a date you name it.


  • Makeup screams that you care about yourself

Showing people that you put an effort to look presentable will attract many and you will be more lovable and approachable.


  • Enhances features

This is one major thing makeup really does. I have chubby cheeks and this is where highlight and contouring comes in enhancing my cheek bones. Don’t get me wrong I love being chubby but If I can enhance my beauty then why not.


  • Cover up Imperfections

Speaking of Imperfections, I have this scar that really bothers me next to eyes and with a concealer I cover up this scar helping me look perfectly normal and feel flawless.


On the other hand everything that has an advantage always has a disadvantage makeup has some and I guess they are manageable…


  • May damage skin

Cosmetics are really good , yes they enhance your beauty but there is a danger of using some products , we may react to some making us end up with acne but with good skincare routines and purchase of genuine and certified products one can be safe.

  • Costly

Makeup can be costly but the beauty is you purchase once in a while.

  • Time consuming

Putting on makeup consumes a lot of one’s time but oh well you can always be good at time planning, wake up early If you have to.


                                      Products used for this look

Eyebrows: Elf deep brow pencil

Eye shadow : Juvia’s palace Masquerade Palette

Eyeliner: Elf liquid eyeliner

Primer: Rimmel stay matte primer

Mascara : Maybelline great lash mascara

Foundation: Revlon 24hrs colorstay in Mahogany

Powder: Elf finishing powder

Setting spray: Nyx setting spray

Lipstick: Colour pop ultra matte – Mamacita


Feel free to purchase these products from our shop in town right behind Biashara Street, Njugu lane ,MD business centre Shop 40


Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about wearing makeup. 3 of my favourite comments will stand a chance to win an ELF PRISM EYESHADOW PALETTE LEGOOOOOOO!!!






23 thoughts on “Advantages of wearing make-up …

  1. Eva says:

    For me just like wearing the right perfume gives you confidence,wearing makeup boosts self acceptance and confidence to a whole different level … Its boosts self love as well … When you look in the mirror and feel confident with what you have put together,you get confidence to work everything else out through the day.

    • SukieBeauty says:

      Wow Eva …Wow…Self acceptance …where were you when I was writing thats a huge one right there should add it as an advantage…

  2. Martha says:

    Make up when done well makes one look complete and ready to face the day. It shows self love and thus gives one the ability to love and be loved back. With make up we can face the world.

  3. Sheila says:

    Applying make up is just a fun me.i feel more artistic every day and I’m totally amazed by what I can create ?and with more practice,make up helps me channel different personalities that I honestly do need to get through most days.

  4. Abby says:

    Well, considering the first thing anyone you meet notices is what you are wearing, make up just like clothing is entirely a reflection of who you are. It aids in shaping an individual’s personality and shows their responsibility towards self-care as well as gives a person a sense of permissiveness

  5. Magdalene says:

    Makeup helps boost your confidence. You can hide your flaws, cover up any shortcomings and create an illusion of flawless beauty…makeup is also a mood lifter…

  6. Esther says:

    In as much as I use make up to enhance beauty and acne scars… Make up is art… It expresses mood, emotion and passion to me… Coming up with various color combinations and when they work…..oh the satisfaction. Make-up is art!!

  7. Jane says:

    Make up makes me feel alive,it boosts my self love. Make up is my one and only true love…one thing i love abt make up is; it’s thro makeup that am able to express my emotions and everything am feeling without feeling limited or judged..make up speaks for my heart.
    Make up helps in exercising self one can dictate to me on how to wear my make up and when to wear it..i wear makeup for me, because i want to and in the manner in which i want to.
    Make up boosts my self confidence. I know am beautiful with or without makeup buh i feel more beautiful when wearing makeup. Make up gives me this 100+100 confidence to face whatever comes my way ?.
    Makeup helps me deal with self esteem issues…since i was little i have been struggling with self esteem due to many things..sometimes i end up feeling worthless, unacceptable,inferior etc buh the moment when i wear my makeup on, i feel all this negative energy leaving my soul.
    Makeup is therapy to me..there is no better therapy for me when am dealing with different stuffs in my life eg esteem issues than doing my brows, blending my foundation, blending my eyeshadow etc. When doing this i let go of all the stress and let make up cloud and control my mind and trust me by the time am done with beating my face to the gods my heart and my mind are cured from all the should try it i know you won’t agree less..?
    Great blog Sukie!! Thank you for providing people Like me with a platform where they can talk about make up. I appreciate you ?

  8. linet says:

    Makeup is bad for me.?I had a black eye after a bad break up a few months ago and to be honest I don’t what I would have done if I didn’t have my makeup bag.I am still learning on how to perfect the art of flawless makeup but I am proud of how far I’ve come as i am still saving up for makeup classes and a full makeup kit.

  9. Brenda says:

    Wow! First of all, I love the look. The lippie especially ? Secondly, I agree with you, make up really boosts my confidence to a whole new level. I have a wide nose, but with a little contouring that’s no longer an issue to me. Make up enhances beauty and makes me feel and look like the beauty I am. I can also conceal the dark skin area under my eyes and always look fresh! The skin care routines I use before applying and while removing make up have helped me get a smooth glowing face .

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