My favourite toner…

Toning is one of the most important steps in skin care routine, most people normally debate and are confused but toning is very essential. There are different kinds of toners for different skin types.There are some that contain vitamin C,Vitamin E, some have moisturizing properties ,some have anti- aging properties and some have oil minimizing properties.All this ingredients help in elevating one’s skin care in one way or another.

Toners may not be necessary for your daily skin care but it is an important and excellent skin care regimen especially If you suffer from oily skin, black heads ,acne ,clogged pores and the likes…

Here are some benefits of using toners:

  • Toners allow better absorption of product into your skin 

Toner’s improve one’s skin ability to deeply absorb skin care products,helps absorb makeup products,         helps remove excess oils ( so if you have an oily skin you have no option toning has to be part of your         routine),It also helps remove dead skin.

  • Toners help balance skin PH levels to neutral.

There are so many factors that really affect one’s PH levels such as makeup ,pollution etc and this             normally ends up stripping off your skin’s neutral PH balance hence toning helps balance PH levels.

  • Toners cleanse the face thoroughly

Toners complete the removal of the dirt that remains on one’s skin after cleansing ,exfoliation and the likes, hence helping to eliminate excess oils and tightening of one’s pores therefore lessening chances of breakouts and acne by reducing penetration of impurities.


Well, with all written …My favourite toner is the Olay oil minimizing toner …Used to be very oily but with this amazing toner I said good bye to oily skin. I hope we’ve learnt a thing or two about the importance of toning.Investing on skin care products help keep the skin stay youthful ,glowy, clear and very healthy.So ladies whatchu waiting for???

Question: Do you tone? How often?Kindly share your thoughts …Has toning been of any benefits?



13 thoughts on “My favourite toner…

  1. Anne Munga says:

    My skin used to be oily till I discovered Garnier oil control toner. Best thing ever. I tone twice a day morning and night and during the day i ca now wear makeup without having to powder down the oil. And thanks to a good new skin regimen I only get a pimple on that time of the month as opposed to getting pimples almost all the time

    • SukieBeauty says:

      Yeeeey am glad garnier oil control helped …Most people don’t believe in toning but it really does wonders …Kindly stop by for your palette Shop is located on Moktar daddah street ,MD business center shop 40 …

    • SukieBeauty says:

      I am more than glad you are learning …I hope you put what you’ve learnt into practice …Please pass by for an elf palette …Shop location Moktar daddah street ,Md business centre shop 40

  2. Karole says:

    Iv never really made it a habit to tone bt with this information I’ll start include it into my regime, thanks for the info!

    • SukieBeauty says:

      Hi Karole ,Toning is actually very important …Learnt that last year Imagine and sincee I started toning I have never stopped,Literally addicted to toning.
      Please stop by for an elf eyeshadow palette, Shop location is Moktar daddah street Md business centre shop 40

  3. Grace says:

    I can’t live without the Neutrogena toner.I have a sensitive The best part of it is that it’s alcohol free which doesn’t strip my sensitive skin .I tone once a day (at night) but on days that I wear make-up I tone in the morning and in the evening. And the feeling after that is just magical!

  4. Marie says:

    I never thought toning was effective at all but I think it’s because of the toner I was using, rose Water’ turns out it doesn’t work for me. With this article I’m definitely sure I’ll find which tone suits me best

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